Sick Roo......????

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10 Years
Feb 27, 2009
Hello all, I have a wheaton OEG roo that has become sick for some reason. He is yaer and a half old and I noticed yesterday he wasnt moving around so well yesterday. I put him in a cage of his own away from the flock. I got out there to him this morning and his poo is a runny and green/white color when I got him out of his cage he threw up a clear smelly fluid! I have no idea what is going on with him. He just stands in his cage not eating or moving around. I looked him over for lice/mite ect... (Im real good of keeping them bug free and wormed) He has nothing on him... I have not seen any worms ethier. I did give him some vitamin E thinking that might help.... Antone have any advice...
Update: (as if anyone cares)
I give him some bread and he did eat some but very little of it. He also drank some of his water but not a whole lot. He still not moving much...just sitting in the cage

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