Sick rooster, or maybe something else...Please help!

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    Aug 17, 2016
    My 3 year old rooster, Onyx, has been acting sick the past few days. He stands like a hen with egg peritonitis, and his stool is a yellow-green color. He is able to walk and run, just in an awkward, struggling way. After a little activity, he stands in that position again and looks like he's trying to lay an egg, or he will sit down. He eats very well still and drinks well. What could be wrong?
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Have you felt of his crop to see if it is empty, partly full, soft or firm? He could have some sort of intestinal infection or parasite. Could you take a few of his droppings into your local vet for a fecal test? I would crate him with food and water inside the coop or run so that he can see the other chickens. Than try feeding him chopped egg, tuna, and a little plain yogurt with cultures. Try a small bowl of feed with water to make it soupy. Do you have other roosters who may have injured him or who he is afraid of? Could he be starting a molt? Check around his vent for lice and mites, and to see if he is constipated. I have had a couple of chickens with gizzard impaction that have acted poorly before dying. Add som vitamins with electrolytes to his water.

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