Sick Rooster - Please help!


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Our favorite rooster "Randy" pictured is acting funny. He is usually full of energy and enjoys chasing and flogging us. But for the last couple days he has been with less energy and has no desire to chase or play. He is eating but just less active.

It has been cooler mornings here and he is only about 5 months old so I wonder if he is just cold or could it be something else?

He is our fav and the kids will be devastated if something happens to Randy - any advice is much appreciated.

BTW - we have about 25 other chickens and they all act normal as before.

At this point, probably the best thing to do is separate him from the flock and keep him under watch. Check his stool for blood, check his crop, check for skin lesions etc.
Is he just lethargic? The best thing to do is separate him from the rest of your flock so that you can observe him closer. Check for any discharges from the nose, any mucous in the eyes. Also, if he's sitting still (or roosting) - listen for any rattling with his breathing.

I'm someone who's always hesitant to medicate if I don't have to. I use things like ACV with mother and garlic, maybe some extra vitamins & electrolytes for a few days (unless worse symptoms start to show and then I'll use antibiotics).
follow suggestions in "ChicknGirl's" post and let us know what you find..

what all do you feed?

check the crop..should be full at night, empty in the morning before he eats.

describe the droppings..color and consistency.

is he walking and moving around normally?
could he have a foot injury?

change of seasons(especially summer/fall) seems to stress them out, and lowers their resistance to illness.

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