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    Our chicken Rosie has been having a rough time of it for the past day or two, and we are trying to figure out what we should be doing to help her. She is having watery, yellowish diarrhea, and has been very lethargic. Her comb has also been kind of deflated looking and darker in color than usual, and her breathing is slightly labored (sometimes we hear a slight rattle when she breathes). Occasionally her vent has been "pulsating" as well. She's normally the strongest of our bunch, a very large and hearty Rhode Island Red, very outgoing and social, a leader in the coop. But she's been sitting down in the corners of the coop, breathing heavily and not moving very much. She will get up to drink water, and has been eating a little bit, but her crop feels empty. We appreciate any help or insight anyone can provide! (profile photo is a current picture of her)
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    My first check would be for possible egg-binding. Has she laid an egg recently? Can you feel anything hard if you grope around her vent? Maybe get some rubber gloves and feel around up there?

    Can you post a whole-body picture of her, and another of the diarrhea?

    A darkened comb usually indicates difficulty getting oxygen. Have you had respiratory diseases on the property before? If you open her beak and shine a flashlight down the back of her throat, can you see anything white? (gapeworms infect the back of the throat.)

    Can you try to tempt her to eat with scrambled eggs or other healthy, easily digested treats?
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    I would also feel her lower abdomen by cupping your hand between her legs, to feel for an enlarged belly, possibly from ascites or internal laying. How often does she lay eggs? That could cause shortness of breath, and labored beathing. Look for any watery/bubbly eyes, nasal drainage, or sneezing. Poop pictures are welcome. Sorry about your sick hen.
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