Sick silkie chicks

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Mar 27, 2018
St. Louis
My silkie chicks are 3 weeks old, droopy wings, sneezing and maybe coughing?? No discharge from nose or eyes, they just look ill, bedding is cleaned, they are on non medicated feed, pine shavings, fresh water with probiotics and i have even tried Vetrx for poultry, but nothing is helping????
The chicks likely are showing symptoms of a respiratory illness. Get some Tylan 50 injectible from the feed store, and instead of injecting, measure out 1/4 ml into the syringe without the needle and give orally for 5 days for each chick.
I checked local feed stores and they didnt have it, so i had to order online...i hope its not too late, I ordered it a few days ago!
Have you called around to other stores? I think you have time for the meds to arrive. Meanwhile, a vaporizer with peppermint in the water can help the chicks breathe easier. Place the vaporizer in front of the opening to their container and drape a towel over their brooder to allow the mist to accumulate.

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