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Apr 18, 2010
I posted this same thing in the managing your flock board - but I thought I would put it here since I think its in the wrong spot over there.
Sorry about that.

Perhaps I am a sucker or too impulsive - but I came home from the market with a silkie yesterday. I've always loved them and the very nice farmer told me that she was hatched last June or July. So, She is about 1.5 years old. They have 25 regular sized chickens and 16 silkies. So, he is selling a few because they have too many.

So, I bought her. I love her. But, the market was crazy and now that I got her home and took a good look at her I am afraid to introduce her to my other four birds. What do you guys think I should do? One of her eyes is gloopy / crusty. I thought she was just dirty - because she kind of smells like cat pee. Do silkies just smell different because of their feathers? I am going to give her a bath we will see if that helps. Here are pics of her. He said she was "blue" but I am not sure if all that tan coloring is just dirt or her feather color. Also, do silkies have regular wing feathers? Here is a pic of her wings. She is the SWEETEST chicken ever.

I have four other birds and they "met" her yesterday for about 45 minutes outside. But, other than that - she has been in a plastic dog crate in the coop - but away from the other four. The other four I have had since they were fluff balls - so I know they aren't sick. NOW I AM FREAKING OUT because what if I have gotten them all sick. But, they are still not really touching her.....can they get sick just from the dog crate being in the coop? AHHH. I am so mad at myself for bringing this silkie home. But, I do love her.

How can I know when or if its safe to introduce her into the coop. I am seriously freaking. How can I know if she is really sick?



wing feathers?



gross eye


good eye
Sounds like you picked up a sweet bird.
I always wait at least 2 weeks before introducing a new bird to my flock. Its good you caught her eye problem before putting her with the others. If she is eating and drinking and pooping well, and has energy, she may just have the eye problem. I've never had any birds with eye issues, but I think they use Terramycin (sp?). Maybe someone on here can confirm that that is right. I would clean her up well, clean the area around the eye as delicately as you can.
Is the goop coming from the eye or has she been picked and has an injury there? Its hard to tell from the pic. Hope she recovers fast and its nothing serious.
thank you. I hope someone will tell me what medicine to use. Also - should I give it to the others since they have met her?
Check under the "search" on here for Terramyacin or eye infections. You may have to treat the other birds. Keep an eye on them to see if they start to show any symptoms. Good Luck
By last June or July, I think he meant THIS past June or July. No way does that bird look to be nearly 1.5 years, but I'll certainly believe 4 months. I am also not sure it is female. Give it a bath in a good flea/tick shampoo, and keep it separated from your flock for AT LEAST two weeks. A month is better.

Give eye ointment, and if it seems appropriate an oral antibiotic. Watch to make sure that it isn't respiratory.
O.M.G!!! Seriously. This guy seemed so nice. I am such a sucker. He actually said the words "a year and a half" and "hen" and he told me she was already laying. She hasn't yet for me - but it's only been one day. What the heck? How can you tell if its a rooster? Just wait till it crows?
I have silkies and they smell wonderful. So give her a bath. As for the gender-it is very difficult to tell with silkies, I find out when they either crow or lay an egg. They make wonderful pets. I can't advise on the eye problem, but hopefully it is a simple problem with a simple answer. Good luck !!

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