Sick, weak duck, what is wrong, what treatment?

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  1. •Did you duck suddenly unable to walk or stand?
    •has is snowed or icey where your ducks are at, if so is their leg splayed to the side of them
    •any swelling

    •are they having difficulty breathing or drooling

    When they dropped to the ground did they get back up easily or had a hard time or didn't at all?
  2. @fatgal
  3. fatgal

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    Jan 13, 2015
    I not cold where I live I live in Alabama

  4. Any swelling, difficulty breathing, drooling and when the duck was getting up was it easy for them or difficult
  5. fatgal

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    Jan 13, 2015
    He are drooling it hard for them to get up
  6. It maybe 1 of 3 things[​IMG]
    Heart Attack
    Or Heart Murmur

    I think it sounds the closest to Heart Murmur [​IMG]

    Taking your duck to the vet is probably the best option.
    It might require medication based on how the vet diagnoses it.

    If you don't have a vet, keep your duck(that's drooling) stress free,
    Make these possible changes gradually so you don't over stress them and cause a more severe heart attack or murmur:
    -Try to separate him out, which putting him in a cage or what you house you ducks in
    - make his "home more cozy" with a blanket or some extra bedding
    - spend time with him/her, sit with them, give them treats such as a variety of fruits or veggies( I use this list )
    - essentially a stress free life

    I still suggest checking with a vet
    Good Luck [​IMG]
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    @fatgal how old are these ducks? could they have gotten into something toxic like stagnant water or a poisionous plant?

    Please give us more info. What they eat where are they kept? etc.

  8. Agreed it maybe be poisoning of some type.
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    Nov 30, 2016
    It's been three weeks now with Pio. Started her on antibiotics. She is on electrolytes and full vitamins including vit d3 for her low phorosphus high calcium issue but her appetite is not there for the past two weeks she is being force fed she acts ok with the other duck and has been able to walk but is definitely week. She has had two Doc visits. One vist per week last one she got a vitamin b12 shot to help hopefully restore her appetite. I don't know what to do to get her well and eating I will try the epsom salt in her drinking water but she is on baytrl once a day for the next five days. Will the epsom salt interfere with her baytrl treatment? I am going crazy this up and do one day better next day worse then better???? Pls help
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    I would not give her Epsom salt. It is a laxative and could dehydrate her and upset her electrolyte balance. It also would likely interfere with the Baytril - because it would rush the medicine out of her.

    It is difficult when they are ill and we do not know exactly what is wrong.

    I would keep up with the medication and force feeding, and try offering her small amounts of nutritious treats, like mealworms, perhaps a tiny pinch of unsalted sardines in water, add a little turmeric to her food. It stains, but it is anti inflammatory.

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