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    Hi from Christchurch NZ. We've adopted two hens - one was sick, and the other one fine but with a pooey bottom. We thought it might be worms and have treated both hens with a worming solution from the vet. The sick one got better, but now the other who was fine but with a pooey bottom is sick. Now the diahorrea is worse and she has gone off her food and has her head down looking miserable. We've now treated her twice for worms with no improvement, in fact she is getting worse. Any ideas out there? Thanks[​IMG]
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    Have you treated them for lice and mite infestations?

    Try giving her some scrambled egg/yoghurt to see if she will start eating on her own, she may have had a reaction to the worm treatment,,,,,it sometimes takes it;s toll on their health depending upon the wormer used - that is why a probiotic yoghurt is good for them a day or so after the worming.

    You could also offer her some tuna fish to encourage her to eat.

    Good luck!

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    It's also not impossible that they could have coccidiosis. I would treat for it to be on the safe side.
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    Could be vent gleet

    Birds can show some or all of the following symptoms:
    • Depression
    • Loss of energy
    • Rough feathers
    • Diarrhea
    • Distended sour crop
    • Slow growth
    • Weight loss
    • Decreased hunger and increased thirst
    • Soiled vent feathers
    • White sores near the vent
    • Loss of feathers near the vent
    • Reddened or swollen vent tissue
    • Gray powdery or black waxy substances on the vent
    • Very bad smelling droppings
    • Patches in the throat that look like yeast or wax
    • Unexplained laying problems
    • Swollen vent

    Here is the link on treatment

    Good Luck!!
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    Happy New Year and a big thank you to all your advice.[​IMG]
    Thank you especially to WillowFarm as the vent gleet suggestion sounded the best fit, and I went into the suggested website and decided to treat Milly (and the other hen Molly) with yoghurt, which incidentally they loved. And it worked! So thanks heaps - all bright eyed and feather tailed now and eating well [​IMG]

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