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Apr 21, 2020
Something I suspect viral is pecking off my chicks. 😭😭 it happened with one in a flock and I suspected it was not getting enough food, none others got sick. Now in another flock about 1.5 months old I have gone from 8 to 3. I thought perhaps it was heat, moved them to a cooler location and now inside. But even after being inside there is one acting like the chick that died last month. And the other 2 remaining don’t seem 100% though not obviously sick. Lethargic, fluffed up and runny awful smelling poop. I read over some top chicken diseases and nothing is standing out. I gave some vitamin e and sprayed with poultry aid. Any other ideas? They actually seemed to get sick around the time I switched to bluebonnet medicated feed so I just switched back to the non gmo they were on.


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