Side mounted, Spring-loaded Chicken/Small Animal Water Drinker - 10 Pack


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Sep 24, 2012
How efficient and effective is your small animal watering solution?

Watering nipples designed to mount vertically or horizontally!

Spring-loaded construction guarantees no leaks – even horizontally!

No more mucky mess in the yard or coop.
No more dirty water to clean out of old-style waterer.
Red color to attract curiosity and attention.
Great for chickens!
Installs on buckets, pails, PVC pipe, and more...

Minimum waste of water

- Built-in cup under the nipple to catch excess water minimizing water waste.

Stainless steel spring-loaded pin

- Nipple pin provides easy access for pecking beaks or poking tongues.

Four wings for mounting

- Four wings gives secure for mounting on plastic, PVC, and through wire fencing.
- Drill a 5/16 inch hole in the container or PVC pipe, apply plumber's tape on threads to make water tight and screw in nipple.

Buy direct from the only authorized U.S. distributor

- Free Shipping - anywhere in the continental U.S. (excludes Hawaii, Alaska,or US protectorates).

Payment via PayPal - Send a private message to me to order!

10 Pack - $19.99 - Free Shipping!
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Yes. These are still available. I just received a new shipment !! PM me for details.

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