Siding for pallet coops?

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    The plan is to build a 12x12x8 shed, with a 8x12 coop section and 4x12 storage/shed in the front portion. I've never built a large project before, and I've never worked with pallets, so I'm feeling very overwhelmed at the moment.

    I'd like to leave the pallets whole for all sides/floor/roof. But how do I manage all the gaps between boards? And for the floor? I don't want to spend $160+ to cover the whole exterior in plywood, it defeats the entire point of using free pallets! This building needs to be as frugal as possible. There aren't any free pallets on CL right now, but I'm going to try calling around to the grocery store, hardware stores, etc to see if anyone has free pallets to get rid of. I did see some on CL for $2 each, but they're not local, and again, I don't want to spend hundreds on this project.

    One more beginner question... How are you folks attaching your pallets to each other? Assuming the pallets are all 4'x'4, I'd be going 2x3 pallets on the sides, then 3x3 floor and maybe a bit larger for the roof to provide overhang? Also, for the floor... Can I do a pallet floor without having to pour concrete or gravel base? 60-75 pallets should be more than enough, right? Or should I try and find more? Is there a step by step tutorial with supply list that would be good for a novice builder on a budget?
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    Pallets are good, but don't think that they are all the same size. I just got 3 trailer loads of pallets that I took apart and plan to use the wood for a coop. You living in Maine will require a coop without drafts, and lots of ventilation. I can't recommend anything other than some kind of siding to use on your coop. Good Luck
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    Take a drive through some industrial parks or freight yards. You should be able to find mass quanities of pallets. I would not use the pallets whole. Take them apart. Frame up the coop with the big pieces, and use the planks as the siding, just like an old house. You WILL need a crowbar and probably a sawsall to take these things apart. They are not supposed to come apart. I would also recommend a nailgun to assemble the coop. The wood is tough, just using a hammer to drive nails will test your sanity. Good luck with it, you will have a unique coop when you are done.

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