*sigh* Diversity is the spice of life, but I'm not into Tabasco....

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    I love our neighbors. Really, I do! But, they're a trifle...odd. You see, they decided to go totally self sufficient-which I'm all for, except they have no idea how. We give them tips.(no, a black berry hege is not going to fence in your goats!) But their goats visit a lot, and one day when they came to pick them up, we were informed that the world was going to end that Tuesday afternoon, in a couple of days. Ah. That's nice, and we sent them on their way. Today, they stopped by, saying that this time all of society is going to collapse soon, and they are now getting a 1,000 gallon tank of gas, to power their stuff. Hmmm....Does anybody else have a little...extreme neighbors?
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    Jul 14, 2008
    Derby Kansas
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    May 2, 2009
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    Like ice cream, crazy comes in many flavors. [​IMG]
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    I know! And we didn't hear from them for awhile after the end of the world, I was worried that they had drank the Kool-Aid!
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    I have a neighbor that's gun crazy. He thought it was OK to shoot towards our house through the woods. It's less than 500 yds from where he was shooting in a line right at our house. He went ballistic when I complained! He started to spout the 2nd amendment at me like I was trying to take away his guns. Now I have nothing against guns, I own several myself but I use them responsibly. After all I have a right to keep from being shot on my own property.

    It took several visits by the police and a detective PLUS a threat of a civil lawsuit to get him to stop. The world DOES have a lot of weirdos!
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    May 2, 2009
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    Quote:Now that is just scary. I agree we all have the right to bear arms, and stuff, but as you said, bear them RESPONSIBLY, and not aimed at a person's house.
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    yeah kinda sorta...i just had one neighbor come and tell me that times were going to get rough and said "we" were gonna have to get my garden up and going...

    (the man who said he'd come and till my garden this year so he could use a corner...but never came----the man who used my snowblower because he put too much oil in his and it quit and then drug my blower back without any gas and didn't bother filling it back up---the one who's non-bio kid walks into my house without asking and is in fact here as we speak...the man who told my dh he would look out for me and the kids while hubby went away in the service and has not ever lifted a finger and yet, somehow has drug his branches to my burn pile and not helped with the fire and also has my tractor wagon going on over half a year now....)

    He said he read something where a family of 4 (he has him and his teen dd and occasionally his mom and non-bio son...while I have me and my 2 dd's) can live off an acre of land for a year....I have an acre and a half and I could just tell he's dreaming of ways to make my whole back yard a garden and has no prospects of diggin up his own backyard with his swimming pool and snowmobiles and camper--he places at a local camping spot/lake in the summer....).

    and I'm thinking shya! right... If he was going to till my garden and I was going to let him have a corner...I could already imagine that he would be "too busy" to weed and think about coming in the morning tending to the sprinklers...

    He then proceeds to ask me if there was anything he could help me with...I said, yeah, my gutters and I have some small trees growing up right by my house that need to be taken down...so he ends up telling me how busy he is... ok, whatever... nice talkin to ya...bye now and tell your kid to quit chasin my ducks...how many times a day to I have to tell him that for it to stick? sigh.

    guess it could be worse though. [​IMG]
  8. Wifezilla

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Everyone sing along...

    "It's the end of the world as we know it...
    and I feel fiiinneeeeee"
  9. Think of your neighbors as a source of entertainment, that is if they do not get too out of hand. Thank you for the laugh ...the blackberry hedge did me in [​IMG]
  10. maplesky7

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    Jun 14, 2008
    N. IL.
    oh that reminds me of my backdoor neighbor... the one who shoots fireworks towards my home and I've found spent casings on my roof, my wood pile against my garage, in my compost pile, in the yard, on the chicken coops roof....and they are illegal here in IL.

    So they have a teenage boy who shoots bb's and pellet guns at our house too....same with another backyard neighbor and his 2 boys...why aim at my yard? I have 2 small kids and animals??? Problem there? That's illegal too...they have no yard (subdivision) to be able to shoot...no matter where they stand on their property it would go into someone elses yard. They have to go to a firing range I was told by the village Sheriff, who went to school with my sis and knows me well.

    I've had dead birds in my yard because I know they are shooting them. I've stood in my garden heard something whiz past my ear and hit a metal roof to a small cold frame I had and my kids were running in the yard right beyond that...I knew it was a bullet. I called the cops that time for sure.

    One day I come home and there are like 6 teens in masks holding guns in my yard....I sat in my car, my kids flipping out, my dog was wrapped around a post with no slack in his chain because he was scared, and my chickens were flippin out... I would have thought they would have run as soon as they saw someone pull in...but they just stood there. I got out and yelled at them they were trespassing...they slowly left.

    I put my 2 little crying kids in the house and put toons on and marched over to the ones house and there I saw all the boys sitting on the drive...I asked for their parents...the dad came out and told me they were pellet guns, said didn't you ever run around the neighborhood when you were a kid--yes, but only in the yards of the kids I was playing with, then he picks up a pellet off the deck and whips it at my chest and tells me they don't hurt?? did he really just do that?, then he says, are you the one that keeps calling the cops on us? and then says, I don't call about your chickens...

    I said, I'm zoned ag. I'm allowed to have chickens--(this is my childhood home) and said nothing that I am doing is illegal...coming home to boys in masks and guns freaked my kids out, my dog out, my livestock out and me out and they are trespassing. Finding dead birds in my yard and having bb's whiz past my ear and almost hit my kids is not being neighborly. Fireworks and casings shot over my house and land on my property is illegal and could cause a fire....


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