*SIGH!* It's Time!


Angel Egg
12 Years
Dec 26, 2007
Ok everyone my Jumbo Coturnix quails are 11 or i think 12 weeks old now maybe 13 i lost count around 8 weeks LOL

i was trying to wait until April to process them but they have started fighting and killing each other i have lost 3 all ready to it.. so it's time to kill!

I have never did this before i am studying Niki ( Monarc23 ) quail processing thread... so i can know what to do..

i am not sure if i will do it today or tomorrow... i want to do it now but i want my dad here to help me Lol

i am starting to get flash backs of when they first hatch and looked so cute!
Oh, Mark!!! I am sorry. You will do just fine though. Wish I could help you, but I have never done anything like that myself. Good luck!!! You will be in my thoughts. Think yummy food thoughts!!!!!

Sorry Mark. But you can do it! Sounds like you've been preparing, which is the best thing you can do - keep reading and talking to people about how to do it. It will be hard...but you can do it. Think of them as little "Terminator" creatures - imagine that they'll just keep coming back and killing everything unless you go all Sarah Conner on them and take care of it! (...that's always what I thought of when I was a kid and had to do this...)
Thanks Christy!

i know when i cut the first one head off i have to keep thinking ( deep fried, baked, deep fried , baked )

i know i might have to have some music playing in the kitchen to keep my mind stable

i know there is a first time for everything i figure start small with quails since chickens bleed like hogs when you cut them Lol

i hope i do great!
haha to good! i will keep that in mind

and thank you! everyone helpful words keeps me steady on doing it as well
I think the music is a great idea! Maybe you should listen to some of that death metal garbage my husband listens to. LOL but seriously, I can see music helping you get through it. Let us know how it goes.
So Mark how did it go? I'm getting 30 quail eggs today with the same intent. My DH says I'll never be able to do the deed.
Choose music you don't like already.

Otherwise, you'll ruin a good song with associations of beheading and plucking, etc.

Trust me on this.

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