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Mar 12, 2013
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My Coop
My Coop
Hi y'all! :)

I've seen a lot of members with quotes, picture links, and info listed under their posts/replies on the forum. How do I do that?
I'm totally lost - I figured out how to link "My Coop," but I'm not seeing in the My Profile section or under the Edit option how to add a signature line. Can someone tell me how to add the info? I get asked quite a bit about what breeds I have, etc. and I'd rather put that information out there right at the get-go like many other members have done.

Thanks in advance!
This is from our FAQ, which is found at the very bottom of any page, in the brown footer.

Where is my forum signature?
Members may have 144 pixels of height in their signature file. Only active members on the site will have access to the signature editor.

To edit your forum signature, navigate to the My Profile tab. Below your image gallery, you will see a section called "Your Forum Signature." Below that is the "Edit Signature" button. Click here, format your signature, and click save.

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