Signs a hen is ABOUT to go broody?

Dona Worry

Jul 5, 2018
I know what a broody hen looks like, but I was wondering-- what signs, if any, show a hen that is ready to begin?
Prior to fluffing up and clucking, I mean.
Susan, my feral hen, has joined the flock, chosen a rooster, and embraced the nest boxes as a way of life.
Yesterday she noticed my littles in their coop.
And this morning when I let the others out, she did not join them on their rush to freedom but instead, poked around the coop, particularly under the nest boxes.
For almost an hour.
She already laid her egg of the day, and I doubt I'll see one from her tomorrow, but I can't help but feel paranoid-- we are coming into some nasty cold weather, my chickens first winter in the coop, and I do not want her to go broody on me!
Is this normal chicken behaviour? Is she just not feeling part of the group today? Is this intense investigation of the coop and surrounding areas a precursor to broodiness or judt a thing they do sometimes?

She did eventually come eat apples and tomatoes with the rest.
I noticed her notice the little babies yesterday because I had to cut a leg band off and she acted like I was killing her. When it was all said and done I turn around and THERE'S SUSAN.
Just the EYE.

My guess she heard the cheeping and came running, but she was the only one to do so. Because she has been a mom so many tines? OR BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO BE A MOM AGAIN?!
She prowled around the littles coop trying to look in for a while, but eventually gave up.

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