Signs of Internal Pip?


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
Seattle, WA
So this is one thing I've had a little trouble finding info on, besides the couple geese threads that come up on google. So I've hatched chicks under hens before, but since this is my first time with an incubator ive been monitoring my eggs closer. Today is day 16 for my quail, and they havent hatched, due to low temps.(only 95F, troubles with incubator). I decided to candle them, dont worry I made sure to mark the side they were laying on and keep the temp/humidity up!

So heres what I'm wondering, there are a couple things I noticed different that Im thinking are internal pips.

-A couple of them the air sac has slid to the side, I read somewhere this is an internal pip, this true?
-One of them it looks like the air sac is still fully attached, but a little bubble of it has separated a little bit from the rest of air sac. Again still attached. Descriptions of other internal pips sound a little different than this but similar so Im a little unsure. I don't see a beak in the air sac, although my flashlight isn't too bright.

Also when I was candling one I thought I heard a quick "peeeeep", but Im very uncertain of this since we have birds outside, although it is night-time. The egg was about 6 inches away so thats why I'm not entirely sure. So either I'm a little too hopeful hearing peeps that dont exist or these guys are hatching!
Also I should add I havent seen any of the eggs wobble, is this normal? or do some only wobble when they are starting to hatch?

So what do you guys think? Also what are some other signs of internal pips? Sorry for the long post and thanks to anybody that can help, I'd really appreciate it!
okay well I guess they were signs because they are now pipping! I can hear lots of peeping and pecking of the shell and one so far has externally pipped. Ill give an update when they hatch.

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