Signs of starting to lay eggs?


10 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Pine Valley (New Waverly), TX
My chickens are 13+ weeks old now. I've got a mix from Ideal: EE's, Wyandottes, Orps and Brahmas. I've been noticing the last couple of days that the girls are starting to get pink (some dark pink) around the eyes, wattles and combs. From what I've read, this is a sign that they're getting ready to start laying eggs. But the age is a lot lower than what I've read. Help? Do I need to hurry up and get the nest boxes in the coop or do I still have time?
You probably have a little more time to get your nest boxes up. Most chickens don't lay until 16 to 20ish weeks depending on breed. They will get very red combs and begin to "squat" when you try to pet them or walk near them, especially if you dont have a rooster. When they start squatting I have always found they will lay very soon.
yeah, you've got some time yet
I would get the boxes ready now & put some fake eggs in it. That way they will have time to get aquainted with the boxes. I had a meeting with my young pullets the other day about where they need to lay the eggs & they all agreed that the nesting boxs was where the eggs would be layed. LOL

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