Signs that a hen wil be a good layer?


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Mar 27, 2013
California's central valley
I was going to put this on the molt contest page as it was a question about early molt that caught my attention but figured this would be a more appropriate location.

My wife & I attended the Heirloom seed festival earlier this month. We caught 1 of 3 lectures given by a long time poultry expert, don't remember his name. He's going around the country holding workshops, seminars, etc, etc, pushing sustainable flocks, dual purpose heritage breeds. He feels it's only a matter of time before chicks will no longer be allowed to be shipped so birds will have to be obtained locally. Anyway this man says a chick born this past spring should not molt until the fall of next year, if they do, it's one sign that a hen will be a poor layer. Flat head & back, wide head, wide & deep body, all signs a bird will be a good layer or at least has the capacity given proper nutrition & enviorment.. There were some others. Can any OT expand & verify? Thanks!
Thanks! This could be were he was getting his info from. Basically I was wondering if anyone used this info to predict whether their birds would be good layers & whether it proved out, one way or the other. Just cause it says so in a book don't make it true.

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