Sil go link hens


9 Years
Aug 10, 2012
Eastern Nebraska
So I've got 35 sil go link hens. I get two dozen a day and I'm not exactly sure if that's right or if we should be getting more. I know they are cracking them because I see egg whites and yolks in the boxes. How do I fix this? I can't afford the roll-out nesting boxes, and the mustard doesn't work, neither did the golf ball. I've been putting hay in the nesting boxes but I have to do it every day and it takes too much hay.
So it would help if anyone has suggestions.
Well the shells are already really strong. But I could try that. How much oyster shell is in the normal mix? And how much should I do?
So if you don't do hay in the nest box what are you putting in there? If you don't have enough bedding in that might be the problem. I put hay in my girls nest boxes and I don't have to add any as a general rule unless I'm cleaning things. I had eggs breaking for a while and noticed my hens were shifting the hay so much that when they'd stand up to lay the egg would drop and hit solid wood. I packed the nesting boxes until I almost thought they couldn't get in and I've stopped having them break. Just a thought.
Also do you have enough nest boxes? Because I have found with my own hens that if too many eggs are layed in one box then some get broken.
I've got a 1" x 3" on the nesting boxes but they still either eat it or scratch it out. I've got at least 12 nesting boxes is that too little? I think I heard 1 box for every 4 birds.
I would think 12 would be enough. The lip on the boxes may not be big enough. Do you have a picture of your nesting boxes? That would help.

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