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Feb 12, 2010
Roanoke VA
Its come to my attention that I have a few chicks that could be silkie mixes!?! Maybe a silkie/mille fleur d'Uccle..

3 of the 6 "silkie" chicks i bought off a man on craigslist have green feet they each have a different color beak all have 5 toes but the one with the orange beak doesnt have black skin..

Anyway does anyone have any pictures of their silkie mixes?? just curious as to what my little buggers may look like..

Thanks Lauren
Here's my little mama with some BC Marans chicks she hatched. She is a silkie crossed with something, either a cochin or a brahma I would imagine. But most Silkie crosses look like this. Smooth feathered, feather leggs, dark skin, and a little head tuft.

But I also have little black Silchin that is from a Mottled Cochin roo on a white Silkie hen and she basicly looks like a cochin with light skin and all, except she has a little walnut comb like a silkie, she's so cute, but I don't have any pics of her. Shes still young though.
I purchased a few chicks from a 4-h benefit auction last year. The birds were from Duane Urch. One was supposed to be a silkie, but as it grew it became apparent it wasn't a purebred- it has hard feathers, a small backward sweeping crest, five perfect silkie toes, some foot feathering, blue earlobes, and outlaid a redstar hen this winter without artificial lighting.

She was out with my layer flock (which have since all been sold but her) and I hatched some chicks from her eggs and the layer roo (white wyandotte also from Urch). I am attaching pics.


You can see the chick has dark skin and five toes. A few of the chicks have some leg feathering. Rudimentary feather development on the wings leads me to believe they might be cuckoo in coloring (from a white wyandotte roo and a black silkieX hen).

I was testing to see if the roo was able to fertilize eggs before selling him. He was quite fertile.
They are silkiex mom and wyandotte dad so, at most, 1/4 silkie. Still have silkie traits showing in that they have five toes, dark legs. I should get a picture of the mother.

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