Silkie acting strange. Roo vs. Hen: Pictures!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by NCgirl21, Nov 19, 2012.

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    I have 4 Silkies: 2 brown and 2 white. 1 white and 1 brown look the same in size and appearance minus color and we assumed those were hens. The other brown and white have a red thing on their head. We are certain the white one is a rooster and since the brown one appears the same, we figured he was a rooster too.

    Today, the brown "roo" starting acting really funny. He was in the corner of the coop and usually first thing in the morning he runs outside to the run with his other silkies. They are all 5-6 months old. We put him/her in the nesting box and she just sat there, very alert. Our hens just started laying eggs three days ago and she was almost behaving like one of them when they are laying eggs.


    We put him/her in the nesting box because he was trying to huddle in the corner but the other ones were bothering him and we thought if the guineas were picking on him, maybe he'll feel safer in the box. He hasn't moved for hours!! Does this look like a hen to anyone? He is exactly the same size and look as our white roo who is cock-a-doodling every morning. We just assumed the brown is a rooster too! Although this one has definitely not cock-a-doodled yet. He has left the box a few times, as in once or twice, and then managed to jump back into the box. He's ate and drank and seems otherwise fine minus being in the coop and in the corner away from his other silkies.

    We thought this little brown one above and below is a hen. She's A LOT smaller than the other brown one shown above in the nesting box. She hasn't layed any eggs so is it possible she's a roo?



    The brown one on the left is what we believe is a hen, along with the white one. Does anyone think those could be roosters? The white one crouching down behind the white one is the rooster that's been cock-a-doodling each morning and he is much larger and with a red thing on his head, compared to the two girls right there.


    The white one is a definite rooster and the brown one is the same one we think is the hen. Not the one acting funny in the nesting box. Is it possible even though the white one here and the brown one in the nesting box look the same, that the white one's a roo and the brown one's a hen??

    Thanks for your help!!
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    The two roos are in your first and last picture. Roosters will nest like hens. They will find their hens a prime nesting location and coo to them. My silkie rooster is the best at this. I find it highly endearing. :love
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    well the first one,the brown one is a roo with that knotty stuff on its head,and the last pic,the white one on the left is a roo with that knotty stuff. the one in the second and third pic is a hen.

    a bit of advice,take any male guineas out of the coop,they will kill your roosters. [​IMG]

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