silkie and duck fighting over eggs

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    my silkie and my duck both are laying eggs.They've laided them next to each other and each have set on them for a few days.Hubby went in took away the ducks eggs and THE PROBLEM began! The duck moved her eggs in with the sikies!
    They started taking turns sitting on the eggs this was great! Now the ducks m & F want the eggs for themselfs and are pulling the poor silkie off the eggs by her neck.But, she won't get off her neck became feather less and alittle bloody so I seperated the ducks from where the silkie was laying on the eggs.This worked a few days. I was thinking the ducks would start a new hatch. WRONG! they found away into the seperated section and pulled the silkie off the egg by her neck!
    Next I seperated the duck eggs from the silkies and put each on a different side of the coop.Didn't work male and female duck back pulling at the silkie.Tried putting the silkie high in a nest box didn't work ducks stole her eggs and put them with theirs when I wasn't looking.I really want this silkie to hatch her eggs anyone have any ideas? I never thought I'd have a problem like this does anyone else have this type of problem? Will the ducks seriously hurt my silkie?
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    Closed pen or cage. Put the silkie in it.
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    Hi Thanks - I tried the closed in pen as you said, the silkie wanted no part of it ran around inside it crazy and wouldn't set on the eggs at all - poked at them alittle but, that was it spent the whole time looking for a way out. So being new to egg hatching and not knowing how long they can be without heat from mom I slipped them all under the duck who was more than glad to get them. I wonder tho will the water from the ducks swims hurt the eggs? I know when she leaves them to swim or eat the silkie will try to take over and the whole scene will play out again.The male duck is very aggressive and won't let any chickens near his female and chases the silkie when ever she is anywhere he is.I really have my doubts as to there will be any hatchlings duck ot chicken as this is the silkies first batch and the ducks have failed at two hatches so far.But, would like nature to take it's course and see what happens. I just don't want a dead silkie out of it all. I'm thinking maybe she will forget now and start a new hatch?
    Oh, and the advice you gave me on the male ducks fighting is working out great!All four ducks are happy each in their own areas,Thanks One set even has a couple sparrows who fly in daily and share their food.

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