Silkie bantam with some kind of cross beak problem.

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    Jun 10, 2010
    We just got a black silkie bantam and a pullet. I checked out the pullet, she seems to be fine but I'm still looking for those itty bitty mites.
    When I checked the hen... Oh boy, the mites have really gotten to her [​IMG]
    She has that problem with her feet, you know that's caused by scarly mites and her scales are upward. There a way to fix that or treat it?
    I checked out her feathers and skin and theres tiny little bugs on her. Mites I would guess. I saw an orange bug, but i smooshed it.
    Her claws need to be trimmed. And so does her beak I think... The tips of her beak are growing crooked. Cross beak kinda except just
    the tips. Growing over eachother, just crookedly.
    Tips and help would be highly appreciated.
    (we are getting 7 dust for the chickens because of the little bugs on the silkie hen)

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    put sudocream on her legs it will smother the mites

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