8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
1 dark blue silkie hen (broody queen and great mom) but great layer in between, getting usually 5 (rarely 6) a week from her. Going to be 2 years old in spring. Breeder Quality ( 1 foot has bad toe spacing but not to serious feathering decent, crest is ok not huge but not small either.
1 white silkie hen (my insta-mom) she is going to be a year old in spring but has helped raise 2 batches of babies and never been broody! She will protect babies from other hens, feeds, covers them for warmth and lets them sleep with her at night! Everything but hatching them! She lays 2-3 a week. She is breeder quality.

1 Breeder Quality possibly show quality Splash silkie pullet. Shes 4 months old is turning out better than I though! nice wing placment and crest but toe spacing off just a lil and a bit of light skin on her toes but no much. Nice dark eyes and lil bit of light color on her beek. Otherwise shes got great splash color with some black spots mixed in with her blue splashes. ( I'm keeping her brother and a sister and may show them and her at the next show I can make it to just to see how they stack up if I still have her)
3 dark blue silkie pullets 6 months old as of january. Breeder quality just got done moulting and looking better each day.
$10 each or all 3 for $25

2 chicks buff with blue under fluff, 4 weeks old this week. Not a recognised color but very pretty ( hen is blue dad is buff they are a mix of the 2). $5 each or both for $8

I do not ship.

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