Silkie boy or girl 9mnth old?


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Aug 18, 2019
Hi, Im a bit confused as to my splash silkie -boy or girl? About 9 months old but he/she is not laying or crowing and sort of acts more like a hen but sort of looks like a roo in some ways but other ways a hen! He/she is slightly smaller then my other 2 same age and less fluffiness. I also have a 3yr old hen and 2yr old hen. All are laying except Splash. I got them all from the same seller who said they are all girls. I picked up a roo the other day and him and Splash attacked eachother, I broke it up worried as some of Splash's feathers were in Roos beak, Roo remains seperate. If Splash is a roo then he would be very small- some sort of growth problem? Unless this can be normal to have a small roo? ...last photo is of my new roo (said to be about 5months old) Thanks for your help! :)
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This sux!

I have 14 straight run Silkies a few weeks old, and I didn't dream it could take so long before I could begin getting rid of half of em.
I also have 4 white Bresse, 2 blue Bresse, 2 black Bresse, and 9 Orlandsk Dwarf chicks that are a week old...

I only wanted 6 or 7 Silkies to foster the more valuable chicks, but this herd of furry little tribble birds that will always be to small to free range safely, is more chicks than I realized; and keeping the cats away takes a lot of energy...

8 or 9 more months!?!

Note to self... What was I thinking?Don't ever try raising more than 10 or 15 chicks again.

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