Silkie Breeding Pens. Colors?!! Who should go with who?

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Apr 25, 2022
Switching up breeding pens after adding new birds, and would love some help with with which hens/Roos to pair up. Not breeding for SOP, these are fun pens. I like uncommon and beautiful colors and know very little about genetics. I’ll attach pics of hens and then Roos. Thank you.
My girls. Could you also explain why you’d pick that pairing and what colors they’d most likely produce


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And the boys


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Are you trying to make pairs, rather than multi-female groups and leftover roosters?

If so, I would pair them this way:

Darkest male (5th one) with 3rd female (white with some black.) I would expect this pairing to produce some dark chicks, and some white chicks with black bits like the mother has.

4th male (I'm guessing he's blue or splash, but I can't be positive) to 5th female (darkest female.) I would expect this pairing to produce chicks in black and blue. If I have guessed wrong about the genetics, the chicks will be some other color than what I've predicted, but that might tell you something about what genes really are involved.

2nd male (gold or buff with dark tail; I think his tail is blue but it might be black) I would pair with either the 1st or 2nd female (normal-feathered rather than silkie feathers, pattern of gold & black.) This pairing should produce chicks with normal feathers, and maybe chicks with silkie feathers. All the offspring should show some gold, and should have either black or blue as well. (If the rooster's tail is black, the offspring will only have black. If the rooster's tail is blue, about half the chicks will have blue as well.)

For the others, I would probably pair them based on feather type: either ones that match (normal feathered will produce mostly normal feathered chicks, silkie type will produce only silkied chicks), or ones that differ (up to half the chicks might show silkie feathers, and all chicks are sure to carry the silkie feather gene which means they themselves can produce some silkie chicks in the future.)

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