Silkie broken leg or dislocated

Help my silkie chick has a broken leg or a dislocated one I can’t tell what do I do
You need to take her to a vet to diagnose what the problem is. If it is dislocated it can be popped back in, but a fracture may require different treatment.
The link tells you how to immobilize and wrap the joint. You will need to give her some aspirin for pain
The vet should prescribe some pain killer such as Meloxicam.
Good luck with her and keep us posted :)
Since it is a chick you may want to search this site for splayed legs. the easiest treatment I have seen is a cut off bit of a drinking straw and a rubber band knotted in the middle until you get the legs into proper orientation. Please research that condition to see if it sounds like your chicks issue.

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