Silkie business needs new owner... includes breeding flock of silkies + website

Farming Frenzy

6 Years
Mar 23, 2013
Kerikeri New Zealand
Hello everyone,
Just wandering if anyone here in northland would like to continue my silkie chicken business? I have a flock of silkies:
around 3 purebred blue and black roosters, as well as a pure white
a few blue hens, as well as a white hen and a few other partridge/black hens all laying very well. Blue boy won 1st place in silkie category this year at teh whangarei poultry/pigeon show. Hen also won 3rd place. Included is a membership at the whangarei poultry/pigeon association.
Also included is a few bantam x silkie boys, can be taken if wanted.

I have nearly finished the website "love silkies". It has a profffessionaly designed logo, as well as a full website page (home, silkies for sale, contact, raising silkies, etc pages) . The website can be included with silkie business.
Basically wverything I have ever had for my silkie chicken busjness except the cage, is included in aution. The price of all this will be the price for all teh silkies/food/logo (I payed for this to be made) and a few extras (feeders, nesting boxes, etc.)

Website is pretty personal but can be edited (it is not yet published. Needs a few more photos and adjustments depending on buyer, but otherwise it is ready to go. ) If you wanna start your own silkie business, contact me. I don't have the time for my silkies anymore... need good home as business or just backyard flock.

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