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    I am new to Silkies, and was wondering if anyone could possible help me understand what these chicks color will be. They are just over a week old now.

    I purchased some Silkie eggs online for my broody to sit on, and 7 hatched! They were from a White and Black Rooster, running with a White, Blue and Black hen.

    I was just wondering if the first chick in picture one will be a black silkie(if it is a silkie at all?) as I have looked at a few images of silkie chicks and haven't seen any with white underneath.

    Also what color is the chick in the second picture 2,3,4 going to be? It has grey patches all over, with a few yellow patches, but its wing feathers look whitish.

    So far, I think 2 are definately white, 1 that had two lights brown stripes is looking to be white, 2 that are black (possibly dark blue?) and the grey one with yellow patches has me guessing!

    Any thoughts, or help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

  2. flockoffour

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    I have been around a number of silkies, and if I were to guess, they will probably be:
    Black one: black
    Grey(ish) one: Blue
    Yellow (ish) one: Buff
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    Splash for the first one; Most look to be white; however, several have non-silkied feather tips showing on their wings, indicating that they are not purebred. The black one does not really look silkie either, but better photos of the individual chicks would help. There are not any buffs

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