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Jul 19, 2016
I'm a first time chicken mom with a group of beautiful babies.

On Sunday evening, we noticed one of our silkie babies was limping. She is about 2 weeks old.

Yesterday, we checked for any breaks or dislocations. She seemed to move it fine without any screams. My husband and I checked for a slipped hock tendon. While gently massaging the joints, my husband felt a slight pop between his fingers and she began to stretch out her leg. We placed her in a "chick chair" made out of sponges and she slept there for a few hours. We did notice that her fifth toe (similar to what would be a thumb to us) seemed to be a little stiff. When we took her out of the chair, she seemed to be better and walked normally for a bit

Her stool has been normal. She's been eating and drinking best she can. We have helped her get to the water because we don't want her to put that much pressure on her legs. This morning, I gave her some Gatorade in her water to help boost her electrolytes. She loved that! She's on medicated feed and was purchased from a trusted store.

My questions are:
How long should we leave her in the chick chair?

Based on her symptoms, does it seem to be a slipped hock tendon?

She was in a tub with other chicks about a week older than her, but she didn't have any issues with them. We think they could have stepped on her though. Could this be more of a sprain?

Just a general help! I don't want this baby to pass away and I know she is strong enough to get through this. But anyone's reassuring words and advice is definitely appreciated!

Thank you!
If anyone has any advice at all, I would really appreciate it. I'm very worried and want to figure out a way to heal her.

Please help
Slipped tendon or leg bone deformities such as varus valgus deformity, tibial dyschondroplasia, or twisted legs can be very common. Chick vitamins added to the water can sometimes help if it is a deficiency.
I use vitamins just for chickens. The easiest ones are powders added to the water daily. You can also use a tonic called Poultry Cell 1ml for a chick orally every day. Some use baby vitamins 2 drops orally every day. Vitamin BComplex tablets can be ground into the feed or water as well. Slipped tendon is usually not successfully treated, but many try to get the tendon back into place and splint with some vet wrap daily. Leg bone deformities usually get worse as the chicks grow.
If she was walking normally before-hand, could it still be a deformity?

I will look into the vitamins for her.

Is there a specific way to splint her leg?

What are your thoughts on the chick chair?
This is what she looks like since I've been home

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