Silkie chick with beak injury

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13 Years
Apr 27, 2009
near Lake Charles, LA
We found someone locally selling silkie chicks advertised on CL, and we went to see them and came home with three (of course, because they are so evil

He only had one white chick, and my son instantly fell in love with it. However, it has a beak issue, I'm not sure if it is a deformity or was an injury, the guy hadn't noticed it (he had a lot of chicks mixed together). It doesn't seem to slow it down, it eats normally and actually is the most rambunctious of the three chicks, but I wanted to get advice here about how to care for it and if it may grow out (or get worse). I have them quarantined in a brooder a distance away from my other birds because of reading this forum, I would have quarantined them regardless.



Has anyone seen or dealt with something like this before? They are about four weeks old.

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Just make sure she is eating and drinking. Other than that, it should grow back in a month or two. Like your nail, their beak will come back. It appears the "quick" is damaged a bit due to what appears to be blood, but it's not bleeding any more so not much you can or need to do about it.

it should be fine as long as it can eat and drink the beak will probly grow more and being rambunctious is a good sign LOL
Thank you, Silkiechicken. I was starting to seriously second guess my decision to bring them home and hoping there wasn't some rare contagious beak disease I had missed when I was researching.
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