Silkie chicken in trouble-urget help needed

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    Hi I'm new to this site.I've been everywhere looking for answers and have found none.
    My silkie chicken is about 4 months old, for the last 3 days has been weak is falling over onto her side needing help most times to right herself. Before that it was fine running around with the others.Has no nasal discharge,no shaky,breathing is fine,no cough or sneezing,eyes look good, I tried to check for croop as far as I can tell fine there too!It is still eating and drinking and this morning was beeping for the first time in days.However it mostly lays down in one spot and when it does move seems to have a balance problem and falls over onto her side. The feathers are really ruffled looking now and it 's starting to look pretty bad.the poop I've seen is brown or sometimes white.Once it was green but it had just ate lettuce.Any ideas on what is making it fall over ? I can't seem to see anything wrong.Been on here everyday looking for some kind of answer.Anyone ever had this happen? Suggestions,ideas,thoughts gratefully accepted.
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    May 30, 2007
    I have no idea but hope someone can come along and help you [​IMG]
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    while you are waiting for one of our more experienced members to come along with information please isolate your chicken from the flock. if this is viral (i'm wondering if it's merek's disease perhaps) then you don't want your entire flock to be continually exposed to the infected chicken. can you bring her inside and put her into a dog crate or something similar?
    i would make sure she stays warm and dry and that she has constant access to clean water and food.
    hopefully someone with more suggestions will be along shortly.
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    Do you notice her backing up, turning in circles, putting her head between her legs, or have you noticed that her neck is crooked? Please let us know ASAP if you do.
    There could be so many things going on, so let's start with basics. What are you feeding your birds? Are they laying? Is this bird laying or molting?
    The falling over could be anything from worms to lack of calcium to head injury to who knows what. So, I suggest three things right now. First is to get her away from the other birds and to an area that is quiet and warm. Second, get a poop sample and take it to your vet for a fecal float. Try and have them do this without seeing the bird because it costs less. Also, if they find worms, make sure you get enough meds to treat the entire flock and not just the one bird.
    Lastly, if you are not feeding them vitamins, I suggest you do. AviaCharge is great and is easy to add to their water. But for now, go to the pharmacy and buy Polivisol, which is a child's liquid vitamin, and give four drops per day. Do this until she is better.
    Please keep us updated. Hopefully someone else will have some more suggestions for you.

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