Silkie chicken picked whole 24 hours ago not hatched


Oct 16, 2019
Wait a couple days, as long as the chicks moving it’s ok.. with that said the other chick will push eggs around (mom would). but opening the incubator is a no no the first couple days. let’s heat humidity out..worse for the others cHicks , so don’t it. (Never count your chicks till they r hatched).
When all the others hatch about two to three days. Wrap that egg with a warm moist cloth Incase stuck, or dried out. Will help loosen shell. if U rip off shell will hurt bleed infection, the chick will die anyways..
There is something about helping them hatching. with in a wk, month the chick will die.( not strong enough). sometimes electrolytes an sugar will help in the water. But most of mine chicks died.. it’s natural it’s nature selecting the fittest.. it’s heartbreaking, but you tried.
when I first hatched my own. I still do.. it happens it does get easier. Because now I let my hens do the grunt work. I have broody hens, I set eggs under them. They r happy and I get to raise the chicks. Best results ever and so satisfying all around..
I would love to have my chickens hatch out some babies. Hopefully in the spring.


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Dec 9, 2019
Hi all, just letting you know that all chicks hatched just fine, although they did take their time. One chick hit hatched on Sunday just after midnight, one hatched Monday afternoon, and one hatched Tuesday just after midnight.
They are now five weeks old and thriving! Thanks everyone for your advice.
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