Silkie chicks and RIR's for sale- CO


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Feb 8, 2007
I could try to ship but am afraid to after the PO killed the last two shipments I sent out. I am hoping that the situation will be resloved by fall and I can ship then but for now, these are for sale to anyone in CO or close to CO who could pick up. I am willing to drive to parts of Colorado to get them to their destination if need be. These birds will be going to the swap in Brighton in July if I do not get them sold before then.
Various silkies, blue. black, partridge and grey, some are girls I am sure, some oare boys. I make no guarantee though. Most are culls for feet (toe issues) but some are not as bad. The partridge, grey and the other blue with white chest are perfect that I can tell, I just do not want to keep them. Also have a black non bearded that is in my keep pen, but I do not do non-bearded either.

All the RIR's I have for sale are Cockerels from exhibition lines. would greatly improve a hatchery flock I would bet. I want $5 for each bird.

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