Silkie chicks.. want stand or walk.


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Sep 22, 2020
Hey guys just after a bit of advise about my silkie chicks. I hatched 8 in totals 6 are absolutely fine. Up and walking around. But two can’t seem to walk let along stand up. And look like they’re doing the splits. One seems much worst then the other. And always falls onto his back. They hatched yesterday.

thank you for any advise
Ooh, not good. You'll need to splint. And provide vitamins, I think, but not sure what. Let me call for help. But it is nearly midnight so I don't know how quickly you'll get a response.
@azygous, are you available?
How about @Eggcessive?
You should get a response soon or by morning. Good luck!
Thank you appreciate your help, I looked on google and it said too make a wee brace with a a hair tyre and straw. Hopfully that works
Thank you everyone for your help and advise, I have out a splint on their legs hoping this will work, also done a bit more research and it seems that the one in first pic has curly toe on both feet. So have taped them. Has anyone else had this in a chick what was the outcome?
If you cannget some human vitamin B complex, you can crush a tablet in a little water, and give a couple of drops twice a day. Riboflavin is the vitamin needed, and some chick vitamins have some.

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