Silkie Cockerel, 12 weeks, So California


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This is Bert. He’s a beautiful twelve week old silkie cockerel I picked up from a reputable farm when he and his 4 siblings were a day old.

They pick on him and he is isolated. There is another roo in the bunch that meshes better with the flock so while it breaks my heart, I need to find a good new home for him. Please share if you think it’ll help us find him a good forever home.

Please note: He is a rooster. He crows. He can be nippy although he will yield if you have patience to wait it out. I’ve been working with him. Eventually he lays down for a lift up and snuggles. With a little more work he will make a fine rooster for the right situation.

My guess is he’s just a little wary being low man on the totem pole. He is a sweet boy though that makes me giggle. So close to being fully feathered, he’s gonna be a looker.

If you are in LA, Orange, Riverside or San Diego counties a meetup could work if necessary.



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What amazing pictures! Sorry that I can't take him. Have you tried posting him on Craigslist yet? If not, but would like to try Craigslist out, here's an article on how to post on there:
I hope that you're able to find him an excellent home!
Aw thank you. I did find him a perfect hime not far from me. Dropped him off and saw the setup. Lovely people that love their birds. I felt good leaving him there. Thank you! I guess I should go update my post. 🤗

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