Silkie Colors--Please fill in the blank!

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    Please fill in the blank or correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!

    Black X Blue = Blue/Black
    Blue X Blue = Blue/Black/Splash
    Blue X Splash = Blue/Splash/Black?
    X = Lavender
    Buff X Buff = Buff
    Lavender X Partridge = Porcelain
    Blue X Partridge = Blue Partridge?

    If you cross white with any other colors it will just dilute the color, correct?

    Im sure I'll come up with more questions!

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    Quote:Blue X Splash = Blue/Splash/Black?- No Black, Blue X Splash = Blue/Splash

    White is recessive and will mask other colors, so when bred to white you don't know what genes are hiding behind the white. So you could get different results.
  3. E.M. Silkies

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    Aug 7, 2010
    So white would be how you find recessive genes?

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    Quote:No White Is a recessive gene, in case of Silkies and most other white breeds anyway. Dominant White and Sexlinked Silver are the other two genes that can color birds white. Most White leghorns and some games are Dom White and Columbian colored birds an anything with Silver in the name are colored white by Sexlinked Silver.

    But anyway, in the case of Silkies it is recessive and masking another color and if you dont know what color is under it, then you dont know what you would get. But lets just say if it were masking black, then it would breed like it was a black so breeding it to a black would give all black, breeding it to a splash would give all blues and ect.. And all of the offspring would be split for and carrying one copy of the Rec White Gene. But no And no it does not dilute whatever color it is crossed to.

    And its the same way with Lavender. Lavender is also recessive ( and just FYI, Mottling is too) So the only way to get 100 % lavender is to breed lavender to lavender. If you breed Lavender to black, all the chicks will look black but will be split for Lav. ( carrying one copy) So breeding lav to spilt gives 50% lav and 50% split . And breeding split to split gives, 25% lav, 50%split, and 25% that are not carrying the gene at all but would be the same color as the spilts.

    So then with the porcelain and blue partridge, nothing like that is ever made in the first generation from scratch.

    It would take several generations to get porcelain after the first breeding of Lav to Partridge . Same with breeding Blue to Partridge, it would take several generations to get Blue Partridge.

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