Silkie Colors:


10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
Can someone please show me pictures of a Blue Silkie and a Splash Silkie? I bought a Blue, but it seems that it's probable more splash. I've been seeing pictures on websites of "blues" that look just about black to me. Is this correct? How can I tell which is which?
don't quote me on this but at a recent show, the judge was pulling out birds from the blue silkie class and pointing out a few black feathers which meant it was actually splash. now in some other breeds, splash is mostly white with touches of black. so your guess is as good as mine.
Here is a splash. When they are young, they look smutty. When they are older, they have more black. You should see this one now!

The splash are the whitish ones

Here is a blue
Generally a couple of darker feathers does not a splash make. Chances are if the dark feather is plucked, it will grow back in the proper colour. Splash backgroud colour can vary from white to a medium slate. In either case, dark blue shoulf be "splashed" irregularly throughout the entire plumage. WIth some birds there is considerable contrast; with others it is gentle shadings. I have a youngster now whose colouring is gorgeous. He has a darker background, but his splashes are very dark; a sharp contrast. Gorgeous! I need to figure out hoew to post more photos as my space is all full at the moment, and whenever I've tried using web photo albums of one sort or another, I can never seem to get tehm set correctly to share photos so that others can see them.

Blue can vary from pale blue to almost black. Head and hackles of females are darker; likewise, head, hackles, saddle and tail of males. In a too dark blue, you cannot see the two separate colours in these areas. Some blues are popping up that seem to meet the self-blue standard of uniform colouring throughout the body, but are too dark to be lavender.

Silver has patterned feathers, and usually easily discerned from blue, splash or lavender.
My problem now is that I have some VERY dark blues! I cant even tell the difference between blue and black anymore. Is there a sure way to tell the difference? Do blacks have completely black under fluff or something? If you take a picture of a black one, should they look black all the way? Can blue have a beetle green shine?
Yippie I'm still not sure what I have but now I have another silkie chick whom I'm wondering on color. BLAH here is my roo that I bought, was told it was Blue but I don't think so (I think splash?) I don't care because I want some of each color.

This first one is of my roo...

This one is of well my chick???

Here's a third bird, well I know it's not blue black silver or lavender but I didn't know if anyone could put a color on it or if it's just an odd ball

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