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i am settind up the coop for my new chicks. i have a variety of everything and i mean everything;) this is my first silkie experience. i have read they cant fly very well. so how high should the roost and boxes be for them? should i have higher ones as well for the others? or should i just build ladders for everything? thanks, Krista
the two silkies I had before would go to roost at night. The roosts where 3' high. I had it where they could hop from the lowest one at 1' second one at a angle at 2' then the main roost at 3'. They seem to like the highest one. But I bought some new silkies and they don't seem to want to roost at all yet. I think it's because the place I bought them from didn't have roosts set up they huddled on the floor.
I have some Silkies that will roost on very low roosts and others that just pile up at night. I just Nail/Screw a 2x4 to two pices of wood to make braces at each end. I use anything I have. Cut two pieces of say 1x4 about 12 inches and just nail them to the 2x4 across the narrow side so it makes a cross at each end. That makes it easy for them to step up and get the idea. I have some that have never ventured to the roost that is permanent at 1 foot high, they get used to the little perch and are happy to stay on it. It is good if they just stand on something to keep the bums clean at night.
We have our Silky nest box setting directly on the coop floor. We had roosts set up for them inside the Chick-N-Barn, but they'd rather roost on the ladder/ramp that leads to their run. Silly birds...


All 5 of them actually roost on the top rung of the ladder that Blackbeard is proudly modeling.

Hope this helps!

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