Silkie Cross - but with what?


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Aug 23, 2011
So I bought a batch of "Silkies" when they were about 5 weeks old. They were obviously crosses, but all have black skin, 5 toes, feathered legs, and a variety of crests and beards.

Three of them have the Silkie feathers and appear to be hens although only one has a full crest.

Here's a picture of my roo, "Elvis". He does not have the Silkie feathers, or a full crest, but seems to possess all the other Silkie distinctives. They are certainly a cross, but with what?


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You may not be able to post pics until you have a certain number of posts.
Some of the links don't work, but most of them appear to. At least enough so you can get a good look at Elvis and see what you think!
If you can see my avatar well enough, that's the roo in question. If you can't make out the pictures, perhaps you can take the following description and venture a guess as to the crossed breed.

Here's what I see as typical Silkie characteristics (in no particular order):
- Black Skin
- Blue Earlobes
- 5 Toes
- Feathered legs
- Walnut Comb
- Mulberry wattles

Non-Silkie characteristics:
- Feathers - while they appear to be fraying somewhat at the ends, he has 'hard' feathers all over
- Crest - He only has a 50's Elvis pompadour (hence the name) rather than a full afro-style crest
could be anything... and when you mentioned some hatch with silkie feathers, they wouldn't be 1st crosses either... so kinda hard to tell...

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