silkie crosses or any other crosses!


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Sep 26, 2010
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can anyone post pics of cool looking crosses. I really want to know what a bo and rir cross looks like. Is it possible for a standard breed rooster to mate with a bantam hen or vice versa? I have heard of cool silkie crosses does anybody have any expeirences with cross breeding chickens.
Hi. I have a Black Silkie Roo & I have 2 cross's . silkie X bantam cochin & silkie cross bantam frizzle. I love them On the thread " Pic's & stories of my chickens " Look up Davlyn's Chickens, The Middle Age Spread. I have a pic of the 2 girls cross's Selma is the silkie x cochin & Poppy ( aka spike ) is the silkie X frizzle. My other chick / Roo is pure silkie. I do have 2 baby chicks that R EE X silkie, they R grey & black right now. Can't wait to C what they look like later
My Silkie/Cochin X chick


As for your other question... My bantam cochin roo seems to be able to do his duty as far as the big girls are concerned. The BO eggs I cracked appear to be fertile even!
Have a couple uder a broody right now, so time will tell for sure.
Click on uploads at the top of the page. Then click browse to got thru your files/ pictures. Then click on that pic to upload.... There should B instructions. Once uploaded click on a file #. you'll see 2 below the pic. right click to copy & then click to paste after U bring up UR reply page. Hope I am clear enough.. sorry if I am not
I LOVE mixed-bred chickens - you get the most interesting and unique looking chickens ever!

Silkie/Serama crosses:


Frizzled Standard EE

Buff Orp/Welsummer cross:

Some Barred Cochin/Blue Silkie crosses:

The black Mama hen is a Barred Rock/Frizzed EE cross pictured with her daughter (Welsummer dad) and another baby Blue Rock/EE/Welsummer cross

This chick is Frizzled EE x Welsummer, so should be an Olive Egger

The bantams are OEGB/Serama mix and the standards are more Frizzled EE/Wel and Blue Rock/Wel crosses

Blue Rock/EE

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