Silkie Egg Color


May 30, 2020
I have read and heard that silkie eggs are cream to tan color. today 05-30-2020 I watched a silkie go into and empty nest . When she came out there was an Aqua- green egg. I thought these color eggs were coming from either my Bannies or the Easter egger. Can anyone clear this up?


Crossing the Road
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Feb 2, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
How sure are you that the green egg is hers? Is there any chance the egg was already in the nest and hidden down in the bedding. Did her squirming and scratching bring it into the open? I've had eggs hidden in the bedding and I've had hens go onto a nest and not lay an egg. I can guess what you are going to say but I have to ask.

Where did you get that Silkie? What do you know of her genetic background? For a hen to lay a green egg at least one of her parents had to hatch from a blue or green egg. That's just the way the genetics works. Silkies are often mixes, not necessarily a pure breed. Somewhere in her background that blue egg gene was introduced if she is laying green eggs.

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