Silkie eggs. Can I eat 'em?


12 Years
Oct 30, 2007
Shelly (my daughters white bearded silkie) has started laying. Is it ok to eat the eggs ? I would imagine it should be fine, but I figured I would ask you guys out there before I find out there is some weird reason why people cant eat Silikie eggs...
And then...if its ok to eat them, how long do I steam such a tiny egg?
Not sure about the steaming part, but absolutely you can eat the eggs!!!!!!!

That will help keep the silkie population down too !
J/K The eggs are fine to eat and so are they, Happy Omlets!
Well Ill tell you that before I bought 2 light sussex recently, I only had silkie eggs to eat.
I use 3 eggs for an omelette.
I cant taste the difference between silky and standard eggs.
Nice of you to ask though!!
they make great dippy eggs and egg sandwiches only thing is ya need 2-3 to make a sandwhich, lol. home grown eggs r the bomb compaired to store bought, sooo yummy!! my kid's won't eat store bought now as they have a sour taste to them after eating fresh.
Thanks everyone!
Ok, I feel better now. Ive got them in the fridge. They are the cutest little cream colored eggs I have ever seen! Lol

Silkies dont seem like real chickens to me. Shelly is more like a small lap dog with a beek. She doesnt do normal chicken things either. She makes wierd purring noises and guinea-pig sounds and doesnt like to go out in the chicken run. When she clucks, it sounds like a witch cackling. She seems to prefer her cage on the porch where she can hang out with everyone. But I guess there really is a chicken under all that fluff.
I hate any eggs that has not come from our chickens. I am so glad you described the taste. I recently went out for breakfast, I have no clue why I would such a stupid thing when I have fresh eggs at home but I did it and it was the worst meal I have had in a very long time. I could not put my finger on it other than the eggs taste "bad" or "there is something wrong with them" and "I think they have given me a spoiled egg"
But sour is actually the perfect description!

On another note, I did not realize it was helpful to trim Silkies. I will have to try it and see how it goes. Although I am a bit nervous about getting that close their eyes with something sharp!!

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