Silkie Eggs (Kentucky)


12 Years
Feb 20, 2007
Winchester Kentucky
A dozen plus lots of extra hatching eggs from my non-standard color flock of Silkies for your consideration. All my birds are very good quality with medium to large crests, correct toes, comb, and skin color. All have heavy foot-feathering and are true to body type. All but 2 of my roosters are the product of allowing colors to cross. If you like a surprise when it comes to the color of chicks, these eggs are for you. Shipping will be the actual cost from your zip code to mine for priority shipping on a 3 pound box plus $2.00 for packaging materials. If you win the auction contact me right away with your mailing address including zip code and I will calculate your postage and give you a total. I only accept direct Pay-Pal payments on auctions. If you need another payment option contact me through my website for a direct order. You can see more pictures of my birds at



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