Silkie Experts Rate My Roo


Dec 7, 2008
Commerce, GA
Please give me your opinion of my White Silkie Rooster. I'm trying to decide whether or not to use him in my breeding program. I would like to breed Silkies that are show quality.


what breeding is he out of?
also does he have five toes?
he could be a little wider to make fuller bodied females
email me with any questions
Thanks for the feedback. His comb isn't red but not the dark mulberry color I wish he had. I plan on breeding him to a hen with a very dark comb to improve that. He has very good foot feathering and 5 toes.
What do you think about his body shape and crest feathering? Would you use him in a breeding program? And would his comb color cause a DQ if I showed him?
His comb should be darker. Beard, crest, and tail could be fuller. He's too tall and doesn't look wide enough. He does have nice tight wings and good foot feathering though. Depending on what your hens look like, you may want to find a better male.
Do they still have a poultry show in january at commerce Georgia?

there are several good silkie breeders in your area
I lived at Easley SC for almost 18 yrs

any questions email me
I agree with Lilpeeps ( saying hi peeps ltns)

I would look for a better rooster bad traits at the start can make it harder for you later and there are excellant quality Roos sold all the time since you can only keep so many -Affordable it is easier to start with a top notch roo -

If that is not an option try him see what traits he is sending - No penalty for trying -- you just may end up with great girls and poor quailty male offspring which is great for kids looking for PQ ---

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