silkie falls over, all feathers look stuck together .. PLEASE HELP

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10 Years
Oct 18, 2009
sad.png golden silkie who is about 5 months old (have had her 6weeks) was found laying on her side in the coop she couldnt get up and was clearly distressed, on examining her her legs and looked ok, her vent is clear and her eyes are bright she is eating ...when i stand her up she will walk few paces then fall over trys to get up/ support self with wing but all her wing feathers look stuck together and not like feathers like glued i have kept her indoors for a couple of days and fed her well put a vitamin supplement in the water sadly day 3 she is no better,
please please advice thanks guys x
yeah could do that i just dont want to distress her more if it could be sumat like mareks diease sadly would not want her to suffer or distress more more worried about her not being able to stand it like 2 steps stagger fall over all the other chickens are ok but have removed her incase it can spread to the other girls..and colin (the cockeral)
thank you for your speedy reply x
It COULD be mareks, but if she just needs a bath...

...and marek's doesn't make their feathers stick together...
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