Silkie feathers and crossing

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    Feb 14, 2013
    I have a Buff Silkie roo in with a red and a buff cochin bantam pullets,now will all the chicks hatch have hard feathers or will I get a few with silkie feathers?

    I just ordered a Assorted Cochin Bantam Special and am hoping for at least one Frizzle pullet to put with him as well so I can have some of those Sizzles.
    Will a Frizzle Silkie cross have more of a chance for soft feathers?
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    The gene that causes silkie feathers is recessive, so you will not get it in a first generation cross. The gene that frizzles the feathers, and is unrelated to the gene that "silkies" them. Hard/soft feathers are a third factor. Cochins and brahmas have soft feathers. OEGB, moderns and RIR have hard feathers.
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