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7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
Hi i am new and I'm going to ask a dumb question sorry.

Is their any way to make a pure silkie game fowl? I want fluffy but dominant gentle but territorial. And able to protect the flock.

Hi, welcome to the forum. You are still learning your way around the forum categories, and you may find that you get more responses if you post under chicken breeds. You can find that by holding your cursor on the forum tab at the top and getting the drop down menu.

I'll try to respond to your question. It sounds like you want a Silkie rooster who will be dominant even though he has no game fowl genetics in him. An only rooster in a flock of hens that he grew up with and are not too much bigger than him will probably try to be dominant and keep track of the hens in the flock. He will give warning calls if he notices a hawk or something flying above. There are limits to how much any rooster can protect his flock. No matter what size the rooster, he can't really fight off a predator. Silkies are smaller than the average chicken, so they are not as intimidating.
Ok thanks for the information. I guess i will breed the more dominant rooster with the more dominant hen to get bigger stronger silkies. I love these chickens.
What if I cross with a gamefol and inbreed the more silkie looking chicken together. I just want a strong game silkie.
I don't think I have ever encountered that mix before. Heck, I suppose you could try it and let us all now how it turns out

If you want to explore what traits are passed on in silkie mixes, then the most common mix is silkie and naked neck chickens to make Showgirls. You could do a search on hybrid silkies or silkie crosses or breeding showgirls to get more info and maybe find others who have bred silkie crosses.
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Thank you scratch and peck you gave been of much help.....I love their personalities. I will ask more dumb questions. I'm learning much more birds are my only pets
My most protective silkie cross roo was a silkie X d'uccle. Sweet to people, but very watchful and protective of his flock. One of his hens got into the pool and he stood right beside her and crowed nonstop until I came to see what the heck was going on. Sighted the great blue heron long before any of the rest of the flock and gave the warning call. Kept his eye on it until it flew away, and was obviously ready to charge if it had come swooping down from the Italian cypress. He didn't know that the heron really wanted fish, not fowl. THere were other times that he protected his flock, but those are the two that stick most in my memory.

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