Silkie Genetics Question???


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I Postied this in the Wrong Section. So, now I'm posting in the right one. Sorry for the duplication.

I bought some hatching eggs off e-bay all but one of them hatched!!! Pretty good for shipped eggs. I am wanting to know what colors I have. I bought B/B/S eggs and threw in 2 from my white silkies.
The one on the right has yellow feet and beak, but has five toes. It is black with a yellow top knot and face with black around it eyes. I e-mailed the lady and asked if maybe a rooster sneaked in from another pen or she got an egg mixed up from another pen, and I wasn't sure if it hatched out of a blue, black, or splash egg since my broody orp hatched them for me. She replied there was no way it was a mix and probably came out of her black silkie pen. She said they were blacks that had not been mixed for several generations but occasionally a recessive gene will pop up. Is this common?

Will these chicks turn out blue or splash?
It can happen. There may be a hidden white gene in her blacks.
bottom pic- left= either dark splash or light blue. Middle=splash. Right=blue.
Just my best guess on the colors.
The top picture, The one on the far right. Looks like a WCB Polish chick to me.
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I agree with ReesePoultry- that is a Polish chick(top pic on the right)..maybe she just either sent a wrong egg or possibly mislabeled the egg when gathering them...
I was thinking it looked like a polish chick myself. But it has five toes and I though Polish only had four. She does have cuckoo silkies and sizzles. Maybe one of those??? I know it is ideal to breed a cuckoo with a black to try for better coloring. I can't find a pic of a cuckoo chick for comparison. Never mind just read a cuckoo chick looks like a blue when born. So, it's not a cuckoo...
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More likely houdan since it has 5 toes; also looks mottled. I guess we should ask, though if the feet are feathered on this chick.

A hidden white gene will not cause the chick at the right in the top photo. A cuckoo should look black with a white spot on its head. Will only look blue if it is a blue cuckoo.

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