Silkie hen having problems laying.


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Jul 29, 2010
exactly a week ago, I went out to the coop to see how things were going and one of my hens, Chimmy, was sitting in the corner of the coop. (her face literally facing the corner) she got angry when I opened the coop door so i figured she was laying an egg and left her alone, well, she was still like that the next day, and only came out for like five minutes every other hour or so to eat and stuff, so I kinda figured she was broody, pretending she had eggs under her. So, my not-so-broody other silkies left their eggs to the cold after laying them so I took one of my other silkie's eggs and placed it underneath Chimmy. She didn't really care and sat on it. Well, she was sitting on it all day and all night looking like a loyal mother. (she still hasn't laid her own eggs.) idk if she knew to turn it or whatever, but when i felt under her bum it seemed to be in the perfect spot, aligned with her back legs under her bottom feather plumage. Also, all day as she sits on her egg, she makes these teeny, tiny clucking noises.

Well, on day four I went to shut the coop at night, and I decided to take a peek inside. Well, Chimmy wasn't on her egg. it was behind her, but when i felt it, it was still pretty warm. So, I was kinda curious to what's going on.

Today (day6) I went outside to check on her. (she still hasn't laid any eggs, doesn't leave the inside of the coop from her special corner.) The egg was pretty far away from her.(I thought it was a different egg it was so far away! but when i looked under her there was no other eggs.) I felt it, and it was very cold. But she's still acting the same! it worries me, is something wrong with her? does she just happen to be sitting on this egg while she is like, sick/unable to lay eggs or whatever!?

I posted this under emergencies but then I noticed this category. LOL
I have a guess for you, anyway: she's half broody. Sometimes they "sort of" go broody. It's as if they really don't have the whole thing down pat. I'm guessing this is why she's not laying. I do hope it turns out to be nothing more serious.

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